The Dogs


Canine Professional

Barkley is the newest dog on the farm – arriving from Texas the fall of 2016. She is the smallest dog we have had here – weighing only 40 lbs. But that doesn’t stop her from playing with the others or scaring the wildlife away. She and Jack are best friends and can often be seen playing together. Porter is eternally grateful for Barkley as he can finally get some rest!


    Canine Professional

    Laura drove all the way to Indiana to pick up Jack. The farm hasn’t been the same since his arrival. Jack loves adventures and meeting new people. His nickname is “trouble” and he gets himself into plenty of it! He is pretty well known at the emergency vet…But at the end of the day, he brings joyful enthusiasm to all that he does. Life would be a little more peaceful without Jack around, but it would also be a lot more boring!


      Canine Professional

      Porter is a 75 pound, black English Labrador. He is very friendly and a big mush. His best friend is anyone with treats. Porter gets along with with everyone, and everyone likes Porter.


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        We believe that horses have a lot to teach us about ourselves.

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